At the Ridge we believe that an important part of the mission of a mountaintop community is to share our gifts with “the valley.” During the summer we are blessed with a passionate and well-trained summer staff community that is called to youth ministry.

The Mobile Mar-Lu Program is designed to bring the mountaintop ministry into your home congregation through having counselors run a week-long summer camp program at your church. Mar-Lu-Ridge provides the youth ministers and curriculum that make for a transformative week for your congregation and community. Mar-Lu-Ridge also provides front-end support like marketing materials and registration forms to help congregations launch the program. Congregations are asked to gather youth ages 6-10, provide an appropriate space, handle registration, and house and feed the counselors with a family from the congregation.

Mobile Mar-Lu Programs are designed to meet the needs of the congregation. Programs have been in the morning, evening or full day; for part of a week or for one or two weeks; staff have done leadership development with youth volunteers previous to the week. Please let us know how we can serve!

If you have any questions about the Mobile Mar-Lu Program, please contact Associate Director Amy Sowers by email: or by phone at 301.874.5544.