MLR Annual Spring Appeal 

Our annual Spring Appeal to benefit Summer Camp is happening now!  Please take a moment to read our letter and consider a donation today.  Every gift up to $10,000 will be matched thanks to a generous gift from Second English Church in Baltimore.  You can mail a donation to: 3200 Mar Lu Ridge Rd, Jefferson MD 21755 or donate online.  Thank you for making a difference in a camper’s life!


Thrivent Choice dollars make a huge impact at Mar-Lu-Ridge.  We utilize these donations all year long to support the cost of daily maintenance and special programming for summer camp.  If you are a Thrivent member and would like to see your Thrivent Choice dollars working to improve the lives of children, please consider directing those funds to Mar-Lu-Ridge.

Mar-Lu-Ridge also has a variety of projects suitable for the new Thrivent Action Teams.  Any Thrivent member can put together a group of people and apply for seed money for the project of their choice.  Please contact the office for ideas, or let us know what you’d like to do – we appreciate  your support!

Visit the Thrivent website to learn more about Action Teams & Choice Dollars.

Growing the Mar-Lu-Ridge Legacy

Mar-Lu-Ridge Summer Camp and Retreat Center is celebrating 55 years of ministry! Won’t you join us as we prepare for the future? “Growing the Mar-Lu-Ridge Legacy” will create an endowment that supports the current work of Mar-Lu-Ridge, as well as funds for future renovations and programming, helping ensure that our Community is here for generations to come. Download our form for Growing the Mar-Lu-Ridge Legacy.

Agape Hall Capital Project

Follow this link for a full page on Agape Hall.

Building Block Society – Planned Giving at MLR

This “Building Block Society” serves to honor people who have included Mar-Lu-Ridge in their estate plans and will also identify people who have done so. All bequests, unless designated by the donor for other uses, will enhance the Mar-Lu-Ridge endowment.  An estate planner is available to speak with interested parties. Please contact the Mar-Lu-Ridge Executive Director, 301.874.5544 or 800.238-9974 or

Wish List

View our Wish List Page to see if you could contribute something you already have to the ministry of Mar-Lu-Ridge.


Thank you so much!