The Salem on the Mountain Chapel is a beautiful sanctuary, available for all retreat guests and summer campers to use free of charge.  As of September 1, 2014, we are no longer a wedding venue UNLESS you meet the parameters outlined in our Wedding Packet.

The Mar Lu Ridge Board of Directors recently voted to change the wedding policy. As of September 1, 2014, Mar Lu Ridge will no longer be a Wedding Venue.

The following exceptions will be made:

The bride or groom is a former staff member or summer staff member of Mar Lu Ridge.

The bride or groom is a child of a former staff member or summer staff member.

The $500 security deposit applies to all eligible wedding parties, and the fee of $350 for rental of the chapel for a rehearsal and wedding ceremony remains in place. The security deposit will only be refunded if the chapel and surrounding grounds are found in good condition and free of trash or damage. A representative of MLR will be available to you throughout your rehearsal and ceremony. Charges will be incurred if the facility is misused or damaged in any way – this includes but is not limited to scratches to benches or flooring, decorations that are difficult to clean up or remove, cigarette butts or trash on the premises.

Please review the Wedding Packet carefully and contact us with any questions. The timing of the wedding must fit within the existing retreat and summer camp schedule. The maximum number of guests is not to exceed 180 people.

PLEASE NOTE: All weddings currently booked for 2015 will be honored. All future bookings are subject to the above policy.

Arranging the Ceremony
A date should be set as soon as possible. A minister/pastor is not provided by MLR. The bride or groom is responsible for making all contacts with the minister and these arrangements should be made as soon as possible. We ask that the presiding official be an ordained minister, although they need not be Lutheran. The minister or pastor who will perform the ceremony will need to contact MLR to set the firm date and time of the wedding. Your wedding date is not officially on the MLR calendar until the minister/pastor has talked to the MLR office and all fees have been paid. Since the chapel is heated, it is available any time of the year.

The chapel has bench seating for 180. Padded chairs are also available for those guests requiring back support. (Note: We will not remove the benches from the chapel. They are to be used for seating your guests and chairs will be made available only for those elderly or infirm guests who need them.) A kneeling bench is available for the couple to use at the altar.

Rehearsals are normally held the day or night before the wedding. Normally an hour is set aside for your rehearsal. Your party must be on time because the Chapel is scheduled during the weekends for other activities and/or services.

Acquiring the proper licenses is the responsibility of the bride and groom.

Flower arrangements are the responsibility of the couple. Decorating time can be arranged through the MLR office. Decorations and flowers left behind will be disposed of on Monday after the weekend groups who may be using the Chapel have left. Florists may deliver and set up during office hours but need to make these arrangements though the MLR office. MLR will not be responsible for any flowers, decorations, etc. left in the Chapel. This is due to the volume of usage of the Chapel by many groups.

Two large white altar candles are located on the altar for you to use. Any other candles used should be of the non-drip variety. A candle snuffer is located in the side room in the Chapel.

All personal items which you do not want MLR staff to dispose of should be removed immediately after the wedding. Garbage bags are located in the side room; clean-up is required.

Other Details
Throwing of confetti or rice is not permitted in the building or on the grounds. Flower petals or bird seed can be thrown outside of the Chapel.

Photographs & Video
Taping and photographs are permitted with the approval of the minister/pastor who will be performing the ceremony.


Bathroom facilities are provided in the nearest available cabin or lodge. If available (depending on the weekend groups), a cabin may be rented for the day, and would be located next to or across from the Chapel. Two of our cabins are air conditioned and are accessible.

Altar cloths and vestments not provided by Mar-Lu-Ridge.


The above information is available in our Wedding Informational Packet and Application.