Posted on Jul 17, 2013

Tuesday campers got to ask their theological questions of each other, their counselors and the pastor of the week, Matt Furhman. The discussions were wonderful, fruitful and many of the topics will be returned to over the course of the week. We’ve been having a lot of fun as well, Solutions and Salamanders campers have done a lot of water based experiments including a glowing drinkable solution and a water bottle with holes in it that doesn’t leak. Adventure camp has done an overnight on the Appalachian Trail and gone zip lining. Hammock campers slept down by the arts and crafts pavilion next to the new birds nest, where they had worship. Junior campers have been greatly enjoying some extra pool time and staying cool. Yesterday, Junior campers went on a long hike before breakfast and slept last night in the Potomac Lodge with a nice story. SOC campers went rock climbing and played sardines last night. Lots of fun and truth seeking are going on up at Mar-Lu-Ridge and its fair to say that a lot of both are being found.