Posted on Jun 26, 2013

Today we spent practicing the love that Christ showed for us, or at least doing our best at it. Junior High campers went to a local church and did some grounds work and all campers told a neighbor a way that God loves them in worship. Our aptly named Agape Hall served as a focus for bible studies on the creative, redemptive and overflowing love that we are called to as Christians. This is a radical idea but it is often the youngest among us who best take to the message. To have faith and to love like a child are blessings that campers spent the day intentionally sharing with one another. Rock climbing, fishing, swimming and hiking all provided spaces for gentle conversation. The continuing story of Nabisco Clemens and hayrides were more boisterously loving times today (the haywagon only moves on song power here). We pray to Be Made New in the morning after participating in today’s theme of Live in Love.